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With a practice area specializing in employment law and personal injury, Theory Law breaks away from the traditional law firm to a practice of law that is more personalized to the goals and needs of the individual.

Theory Law protects the rights of California employees and serves victims who have been injured by others.

The Practice

Employment Law

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Personal Injury

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At Theory Law you are a person, not just a client. Whether you are a mother or father, son or daughter, Theory Law accomplishes your goals and needs so you can get back to what matters.


Individual Focused

Just as in clothing, one size does not fit all, the same is true for people’s legal care. As a person, you have unique, individual needs and goals. Theory Law focuses on you, listens to you to accomplish your goals and needs in a way other law firms never could and never would.

What sets Theory Law apart from others is you are cared for as a person, not just a client, and your legal care is personalized to you. This means Theory Law has your best long-term interests in mind as we negotiate and settle or resolve your matter in Court if necessary.

We’re all people, part of humanity and society as friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and at Theory Law, the values instilled in this office put you first.


People's Needs and Wants are Different

Each person has a different human and individual characteristic influenced by their environment, organization, and job as well as physical and cognitive abilities. Theory Law acknowledges human factors, and in serving you, provides legal care focused on you and personalized for you throughout the life of your case.


Fast and Positive Results​

Theory Law will handle your case from the start to finish to obtain a successful result at a pace that makes sense for your goals and needs. Call for a free Case Consultation so we can learn about your unique needs and goals.



At Theory Law, you are listened to and heard, which is what sets this office apart. When you have a question, whether by a call, text, or email, an attorney will respond to your question very quickly. You will also receive real-time updates of any changes to your case.


One Less Talk To Do

After learning about your case, goals, and needs, Theory Law runs with it, so you can have one less task to do. We get to work right away for you and get you the things you need. The process is set up in a way to make things easier for you and give you peace of mind while we serve you.


We meet virtually or via telephone for a free confidential consultation. During the consultation, we discuss what caused you to look for legal help and review your goals and needs.

Once you hire Theory Law, an attorney will investigate and gather any documents you may have which is important to your case.

As your case develops, we will be in touch with you and are here for you throughout the duration of your case.

If we need to file your case with a court, we will discuss with you the process of litigation, what to expect, and what our options are.

We will work together to obtain a resolution that makes sense for you. Once we reach a resolution that all parties agree on, we will begin the closing process of your case.


Access to a lawyer by phone, email, text, Facetime, skype, or live chat.


The attorney fees at Theory Law are on a contingency basis, meaning the fees are based on a fixed percentage rate and you won’t owe any attorney fees if you don’t get a recovery. No fees for a consultation or case opening fees.


Being responsive and providing you personalized legal care is part of the personal service.


Providing aggressive representation combined with attentive and compassionate service.

What people say about Theory Law

I admire and appreciate your professional service. I recommend you to all my family and friend with pride and confidence. Thanks a lot my friend.
Salem M.
October 21, 2021
You are the best! thank you for your help, always being available to answer questions, taking care of the things I needed, and getting the result I asked for. Will be passing your name to friends and family.
Karen M.
November 4, 2021
Had a great experience with this office. I did not know what to expect but they were very helpful and took time to explain every step. I needed help with an issue i had with employer and they were able to help me. i will call you if i need anything else in the future, thanks!
Brittney A.
November 14, 2021
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