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Wrongful Termination Cases

Though California employees are employed at-will, meaning an employer may terminate an employee for an arbitrary or irrational reason, the employer does not have the absolute right to terminate. The employer’s right to terminate an employee is limited by both federal and state law.

The employer does not have a right to terminate an employee for an unlawful reason or a purpose that violates fundamental public policy.

Wrongful Termination Employer Liability

An employee may bring a claim against their employer for wrongful termination when it is supported by a violation of public policy. In certain circumstances, even an independent contractor may be able to bring a wrongful termination claim against the employer.

Typically, a wrongful termination cases fall into one of the following categories. Although, violation of public policy is not limited to these categories of wrongful termination:

  1. Specifically prohibited by Constitution, or state or federal laws, including the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), such as a firing based on race, color, gender, disability, etc.
  2. Exercising constitutional or statutory right or privilege.
  3. Refusing to engage in unlawful conduct.
  4. Opposing employer discrimination.
  5. Reporting unlawful activities by employer or others.

What Can You Recover from a Wrongful Termination Claim?

An employee bringing a wrongful termination claim may be entitled to compensation for the following:

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