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TikTok Video Resumes May Lead To Employment Discrimination

TikTok Video Resume Employment Discrimination

TikTok users seeking employment may want to reconsider using the platform’s video resume feature for job opportunities due to the possible discrimination issues that can arise.

Social media is quickly becoming another method for users to show their skills and abilities. TikTok is one platform that people use to try to get a job or an opportunity. The platform has a feature  known as TikTok Video Resume that allows job seekers to display their skills and abilities. 

1. Things to Consider When Using TikTok's Video Resume

The feature could allow a potential employer to eliminate a job candidate based on age, race, sexual orientation, medical condition, disability, or bias.

This feature can cause a candidate to be eliminated prematurely. For example, at the screening stage, without even considering the candidate’s abilities or skills.

Further, TikTok Video Resumes can also affect candidates who may not have the means or skills to make the professional video, have an appealing backdrop or the necessary equipment.

2. State and Federal Law Protection

There are State and Federal Laws that Prohibit Discrimination. Under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) , employers may not request an applicant’s age, date of birth or graduation date, use criteria or algorithms that screen out candidates over the age of 40, or a photo in connection with an application.

California law provides broader protections against discrimination by, for example, including a broader definition of disability or including sexual orientation as a protected class.

These protections are applicable from the start of the job discovery process to the end. In other words, protections can include the interview, the hiring, and the conclusion of the employment relationship.

It is best to speak to an employment law attorney to determine whether there has been a violation of these laws. Please contact our office if you have any questions or believe you may have been discriminated against.

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