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Have you been wronged by your employer? Please call Theory Law at (310) 500-0206 to speak with a San Bernardino employment attorney.

When your rights are violated at work, it can quickly spiral into a situation that impacts your whole life, affecting your self-worth, your mood, your career path, and even your ability to provide for yourself and your dependents. If this has happened to you, the highly qualified San Bernardino employment lawyers at Theory Law stand ready to provide powerful legal assistance to fuel your fight for justice and ensure you are fairly compensated for any and all damages.

At Theory Law, we believe that all Californians deserve fair treatment, but this dedication goes beyond a mere mission statement. We have an extensive track record of success to back it up, and we take great pride in our hard-earned reputation for using cutting-edge legal strategies to support the working families of San Bernardino and the surrounding communities. Whether your case revolves around unpaid wages, wrongful termination, workplace harassment, or some other employment law issue, we can help.

San Bernardino Employment Lawyer

Common Employment Law Issues in San Bernardino, CA

The term “employment law” encompasses a rather broad and diverse range of issues that can come up around an employer-employee relationship. This is to say that employment discrimination can come in a staggering variety of forms. Litigation regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, for example, may take a much different tone and call for totally different legal strategies than a claim that seeks to resolve miscalculated overtime.

Some workplace disputes tend to remain quite businesslike by their very nature, while others can be as emotionally charged and intense as any civil or criminal case. Thankfully for the people of San Bernardino, Theory Law is not just a local firm that understands the full spectrum of employment law issues that can come up in California workplaces but a tireless and steadfast ally for California’s working people in these situations.

Regardless of the specific type of workplace issue you’re facing, understanding your rights under California law can help you better navigate this challenging ordeal. The same is true of partnering with a qualified and talented employment attorney from Theory Law. Some of the different types of employment cases and claims we’re equipped to handle include:

  • Unpaid Wages – Many people don’t realize it, but wage theft is one of the single largest types of theft in modern society, accounting for billions of dollars stolen from workers each year. Employers in California are legally required to pay employees for all hours worked, at or above the legally established minimum wage, and in accordance with all overtime laws.

    If unpaid hours or routinely miscalculated wages are jeopardizing your ability to make ends meet, contact Theory Law for assistance.

  • Wrongful Termination – Being unexpectedly fired for reasons of discrimination or retaliation isn’t just highly upsetting and a threat to your livelihood. It also constitutes wrongful termination–a serious violation of the law–and is a substantial affront to your rights as a working Californian.

    State law provides a range of protections in firing scenarios, and some workers may even have additional contractual protections against firing, such as the specific language included in a union agreement. Your employment attorney can help you understand the full extent of your individual legal protections against losing your job.

  • Workplace Harassment – Every Californian worker deserves the chance to do their job without being exposed to harassment, hostility, unwanted touching, racist jokes, and other noxious workplace behaviors.

    Workplace harassment–including and especially harassment of a sexual nature–creates a toxic environment that is incompatible with work, severely affecting not only an employee’s on-the-job productivity but also their overall well-being. Companies that fail to take corrective action when one employee harasses another can be held accountable in court.

  • Discrimination – Refusing to hire, promote, or fairly evaluate employees based solely on protected characteristics such as their race, gender, religion, sexual identity, or disability status is completely illegal. If proven in court, these violations can result in severe penalties for discriminatory employers, with substantial damages awarded to impacted employees.
  • Retaliation – Employers are legally barred from retaliating against employees who exercise their rights. This includes all sorts of scenarios, from injured workers who file a workers’ compensation claim to whistleblowers who report illegal workplace activities to government authorities.

    Thanks to these robust whistleblower protections, every working person in California should feel fully empowered to take action if they encounter unsafe or illegal activities in their workplace. In short, you can take action against retaliation, and the law is firmly on your side when you do.

  • Workers’ Compensation – Workers’ compensation is a unique system at the intersection of insurance, personal injury, and labor law. Rather than going through the standard court system, workers’ compensation cases are overseen by a parallel claims process that is designed to get injured workers financial benefits as quickly as possible without requiring their employer to take legal responsibility for causing the injuries.

    Because of its unique nature and its circumventing of the standard legal system, workers’ comp cases are sometimes seen as falling outside the purview of standard employment (or personal injury) law.


Please understand that the above are merely some of the main categories of workplace legal issues we can handle on behalf of employees in the San Bernardino area. Even if your specific situation is not outlined above, Theory Law can help you evaluate the potential merits (and likely monetary value) of your claim. If your case is viable, and you decide our firm meets your individual needs, we will then move ahead by building a powerful legal strategy for seeking justice.

Teaming with a Qualified San Bernardino Employment Lawyer Leads to Better Outcomes

While you are, legally speaking, free to pursue a claim or lawsuit against your employer without enlisting the services of a San Bernardino employment attorney, it can be an extremely daunting process for people who have no legal background or training. This is why wronged workers often choose to work with a highly qualified and successful local law firm, such as Theory Law.

While hiring a great employment lawyer can sometimes represent a significant investment, this choice can often pay for itself in the form of maximized settlements for aggrieved workers. At Theory Law, we strive to make sure our world-class legal services remain cost-effective and accessible to working Californians, even in the most complex and high-profile cases. Here are a few of the ways our team of lawyers and highly knowledgeable support staff can add value to your case:

  • Thorough Claim Assessment – We begin by scheduling a client-focused meeting to analyze the details of your situation and understand your unique goals and needs. If your case is meritorious, and you believe our firm is a good fit for you, we will then move ahead. If we do not feel your claim is viable, we will be honest and upfront about your options so that you can make the most informed decision possible.
  • Evidence Services – Like any other type of civil or criminal proceeding, a formal claim against your employer will largely hinge on the evidence you are able to provide. We can help you gather the necessary documentation to support your claim, such as employment records, emails, witness statements, video footage, and coworker testimony.

    We will also make sure it is brought to the court’s attention if your employer refuses to provide evidence that you’re legally entitled to access or retaliates against you for requesting such records.

  • Highly Effective Legal Representation – We will assertively champion your rights and interests throughout all phases of your claim, whether that’s at the negotiation table or in a court of law. We understand that the legal system can be a daunting concept to an individual worker trying to take on a large corporate employer, and we want you to know that California law is on your side–and so is the team at Theory Law.
  • Document Review, Prep, and Filing – Not every employment dispute requires extensive legal representation. Perhaps you just need a keen legal eye to review a new employment contract before you officially accept a new position. Or maybe you are pursuing a routine workers’ compensation claim and merely want a good attorney to ensure the initial document preparation and filing are handled correctly.

    Even if your employment law needs are simple or limited in scope, Theory Law can offer swift and detail-oriented solutions.

  • End-to-End Support – We believe that part of our job as employment attorneys is to empower our clients with information so that they can take an active role in their own cases. Our team takes great pride in being highly accessible and communicative for each and every client we take on.

    Whether you have specific questions about California law or new developments at work or simply want a status update on your claim, our team is only a call or click away.

  • Customized & Client-Focused Solutions – At Theory Law, we know that every company, every employee, and every workplace relationship is totally unique. That’s why our legal strategies are always built, first and foremost, on our clients’ unique needs and goals.

    When a claim is resolved, and all is said and done, your satisfaction is what defines our success. That’s why we approach every case from whatever angle makes the most sense through the lens of each client’s individual circumstances and motivations. There are no one-size-fits-all legal services at Theory Law, only highly personalized, bespoke legal solutions that are created in response to our client’s exact needs.


Different types of employment law disputes can require very different legal strategies and representation styles, and you can rest easy knowing that Theory Law’s talented attorneys and support staff are well-versed in all of them. We are here to provide continuous support until the most favorable outcome is achieved, no matter what unique legal challenges your situation might entail.


Q: What Are Common California Labor Law Violations?

A: Some common California labor law violations include failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay overtime, discriminatory hiring practices, workplace harassment, and safety violations. Employment law is a vast and diverse field, so it’s recommended that you work with an attorney who has a deep understanding of your particular industry and type of case. Theory Law is well-versed in all types of San Bernardino employment law scenarios.

Q: What Can HR Legally Say About You in California?

A: An HR representative can legally say many things about employees in California, though this depends on the context of the situation. In general, HR personnel cannot reveal your private information, except in a capacity strictly required by their job duties, and cannot make claims that would help an employer conceal an unlawful termination or retaliatory action. This is a complicated topic at the intersection of employment law and free speech, so more specific information can be gained from speaking with a San Bernardino employment lawyer.

Q: What Are Three Rights Workers Have in California?

A: Three rights workers have in California include the right to a harassment-free workplace, the right to be paid overtime for shifts in excess of eight hours or work weeks in excess of 40 hours, and the right to legal protections when blowing the whistle on illegal or unsafe work practices. This is by no means a complete list, as workers in California enjoy some of the most robust legal protections in the nation.

Q: What Is One of the Most Common Unfair Labor Practices?

A: One of the most common unfair labor practices (and also one of the most common forms of theft in modern society) is wage theft. Wage theft is exactly what it sounds like; the failure to pay a worker what they are owed for their labor. Wage theft can take subtle or overt forms, including compensation below the legally established minimum wage, refusal to pay overtime, or deliberate miscalculations of employee earnings.

Theory Law - San Bernardino’s Trusted Team for Upholding Workers’ Rights

At Theory Law, we understand the emotional and financial toll on-the-job issues can take on workers, and we’re here to help you fight back. At some jobs, a little bit of harmless workplace drama is perfectly normal, but harassment, discrimination, exploitation, and unsafe work conditions should never be. You have protections in the workplace, and toxic employers do not have the right to trample on them. Theory Law can help you assert your legal rights.

Whether you need assistance filing a routine claim to receive back pay for miscalculated paychecks or are preparing to take your ex-employer to court for a serious discrimination lawsuit, the team at Theory Law can help you implement a legally sound strategy that will steer your case to the most favorable conclusion.

Don’t accept an abusive work environment another day. Take action now by contacting Theory Law to get started with a confidential and compassionate consultation. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

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