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Are you owed money by your California employer? Please call Theory Law at (310) 500-0206 to speak with a Los Angeles wage and hour attorney.

Wage and Hour Cases

California requires all employers of the state to pay employee wages in a timely fashion. Paystubs must be itemized, and include certain information regarding the employee, the pay period, wages for the pay period, and total hours worked by the employee. Employers must have regular pay periods and the checks must not bounce.

Minimum Wages

Employees must be paid at least the federal minimum wage. However, some cities and municipalities may have a higher minimum wage than federal when employers do business in that city or municipality.

Overtime Wages

When an employee works more than eight hours in a day or more than 40 hours a week, the employer must pay the employee overtime, one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of pay. Overtime wages cannot be waived. However, a salaried employee may not be entitled to overtime.

If you are owed wages or overtime wages after working for a California employer, you should contact a Los Angeles wage and hour attorney to discuss your options.

Legal Help from Theory Law

Theory Law has the ability, experience, and resources to protect your rights and accomplish your goals and needs. When you hire Theory Law, a Los Angeles wage and hour lawyer starts aggressively working on your case, so you can take care of the other things in your life. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, without case opening fees. If you are owed money by your employer, please contact Theory Law to speak with a Los Angeles wage and hour attorney.

How Can Theory Law Help You?

If you need help regarding a legal matter and would like to discuss it with an attorney, please call (310) 500-0206 or complete and submit the e-mail form below, and the attorney will contact you.

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