Riverside Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Riverside Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Riverside Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Pregnancy discrimination is a particularly insidious form of workplace discrimination because it can wrongfully prevent new mothers from supporting themselves and their children when they most need a stable income. If you are a pregnant worker or new mother facing this unfortunate situation, a Riverside pregnancy discrimination lawyer from Theory Law APC can help.

Dealing with pregnancy discrimination in the workplace can naturally be a challenging and upsetting experience, especially at a time when you may already feel vulnerable, tired, or stretched thin. Thankfully, discriminatory employers can be held accountable, and we can help you do it. Our pregnancy discrimination team is ready to advocate for your rights and ensure fair treatment.

Pregnancy and childbirth, in many ways, are the very backbone of civilization. We’re here to help make sure Californian employers treat it with the respect and reverence it deserves. That includes affording all rightful benefits and opportunities to their pregnant employees. If you believe you are being harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against due to your protected status as a pregnant worker or new parent, please do not hesitate to contact Theory Law APC for legal assistance.

Riverside Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Pregnancy Discrimination in California Workplaces: Practical Examples

To better understand workplace pregnancy discrimination and its effects, it’s helpful to first understand what it can look like in a workplace. The following are some example pregnancy discrimination scenarios in California:

  • Denial of Reasonable Accommodation – While pregnancy can be a precious gift, it is also a serious medical condition. Some pregnant people will need reasonable accommodations at work. If, despite having ample documentation from a doctor explaining the accommodations needed, a pregnant worker is denied the accommodations, that worker might have a valid claim for pregnancy discrimination.

  • Negative Evaluations – If, after you make your pregnancy known, you notice a sudden decline in either formal performance evaluations or verbal indicators of performance satisfaction, this might be a clue that you are experiencing pregnancy discrimination. This is often marked by an employee who has had consistent performance reviews up until announcing their pregnancy and is thereafter subjected to extreme criticism for minor mistakes or steeply elevated performance standards.

    Employers also know the law and will therefore not put it in writing that pregnancy is the true cause of their decreased satisfaction with the worker. This means proving that pregnancy is the true reason behind poor performance evaluations is often an extremely nuanced matter that requires gathering ample evidence before attempting to make your claim.

  • Demotion – When someone gets demoted after announcing their pregnancy or after returning from maternity leave, they may have grounds for a claim against their employer. This demotion, like so many items on this list, might come in a subtle, informal way as a means for an employer to cover their tracks. For example, a pregnant worker might be reassigned to undesirable tasks rather than experience a formal downgrade to their job title.

  • Harassment and Hostility – Harassment, derogatory comments, and confrontational attitudes have no place at work, and hostility specifically targeted at mothers-to-be is certainly no exception to these core societal rules. This type of harassment often occurs subtly, such in the form of “harmless” comments about someone’s post-pregnancy appearance or assumptions about a lessened dedication to their career now that they are a mother.

  • Wrongful Termination – Losing your job after announcing your pregnancy is one of the most extreme and harmful forms of workplace pregnancy discrimination. A single discriminatory choice by your employer can throw your finances, and every other aspect of your entire life, into a spiral instantly at a time when you are trying to build a stable life for your new child. If you wrongly lose your job in the Riverside area because of announcing your pregnancy, don’t despair. Swift, decisive legal action can help you reclaim lost wages and other damages.

Note that these are just a few examples of pregnancy discrimination scenarios and are in no way an exhaustive list of actions that represent illegal workplace pregnancy discrimination.

Working with a Top Riverside Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Getting involved in a workplace pregnancy discrimination case can result in a lot of stress when you already have plenty. It is also a large commitment of energy when you likely have none to spare. Thankfully, enlisting the skills of a talented and reputable employment lawyer can take the vast majority of that weight from your shoulders.

A few of the ways the team from Theory Law APC can help you with your workplace pregnancy discrimination claim include:

  • Legal Skills – When you choose to work with Theory Law APC, you will benefit from the extensive knowledge and sterling reputation of a top Riverside pregnancy discrimination lawyer who understands California employment laws inside and out. Our mastery of California employment laws and our strong reputation throughout the Riverside area is unmatched.

  • Thorough Case Evaluation – Every pregnancy discrimination strategy begins with a comprehensive, detail-oriented review of your case. This crucial process will direct our course of action going forward. We firmly believe that we can only offer effective representation by taking the time to truly understand the details of your case, as well as your personal motivations for making a claim.

  • Negotiation Skills – Some people don’t realize that a large number of discrimination claims are settled quietly through negotiation rather than escalating to actual litigation in court. As such, you need a lawyer who is just as skilled at the negotiation table as in the courtroom. We will never allow bosses or corporate lawyers to bully you, intimidate you, or talk you into an inadequate settlement package.

  • Strategic Support and Guidance – The team at Theory Law APC offers clients responsive, compassionate support and peerless legal advice throughout all phases of a pregnancy discrimination claim. We offer legal support and guidance so you can focus on the rest of your responsibilities.

  • Great Communication – A good lawyer will offer open and transparent communication to keep you informed about any developments in your case. They will also answer any questions or concerns you may have about the proceedings in a timely manner. At Theory Law APC, we take great pride in making ourselves highly available to our clients.

  • Client-Focused, Results-Oriented Approach to Law – You can rest assured that your attorney from Theory Law APC is not only well-versed in California employment laws but also fully committed to achieving the most favorable outcome in your pregnancy discrimination case. 


Q: How Do You Fight Pregnancy Discrimination?

A: Effectively fighting pregnancy discrimination requires a strategic approach and a thorough understanding of the law. You need to gather sufficient evidence to support your perspective and then file a complaint with the relevant agency or court authority. A talented attorney can be an invaluable asset in streamlining these processes. While it is possible to file and pursue legal actions against an employer in Riverside, without the assistance of an attorney, those without prior legal training may find it extremely challenging to do so successfully.

Q: How Hard Is it to Prove Pregnancy Discrimination?

A: Each case is unique, but speaking very broadly, pregnancy discrimination can be a challenging thing to prove. This is because it is often a subtle, covert form of discrimination where constant “harmless” comments pile on top of one another to create a hostile work environment. With the right evidence and effective legal representation, it is possible to establish a strong case that results in a substantial settlement or judgment.

Q: How Do You Win a Pregnancy Discrimination Claim?

A: Winning any lawsuit, including one for pregnancy discrimination, requires thorough preparation, compelling evidence, and a coherent strategy. If you have no prior training with the law, it is highly advisable to leave these matters in the hands of a trusted legal representative. Theory Law APC would be happy to help you present your case effectively and fight for just compensation after workplace discrimination.

Q: How Do You Deal With Maternity Discrimination?

A: Every instance of discrimination is personal, so there is no blanket answer for how to “correctly” deal with any particular form of discrimination. Working with a great employment lawyer can be an invaluable asset in deciding how to respond to an instance of maternity discrimination. Theory Law APC offers totally personalized legal solutions for even the most complex and nuanced discrimination cases, allowing you more time and energy to carry your pregnancy safely.

Theory Law APC: A Powerful Legal Ally for New and Expectant Mothers in Riverside, CA

At Theory Law APC, we understand the unique challenges pregnant workers face in many of California’s fast-moving industries. We also understand that new mothers need support, and that includes fair access to job opportunities. We are, therefore, committed to fighting pregnancy discrimination in Riverside and the surrounding areas. We will fiercely fight this battle for our clients.

If you have experienced pregnancy discrimination at work in the Riverside area, please do not hesitate to reach out to Theory Law APC to set up a confidential and compassionate consultation. We offer client-focused legal solutions that can hold even the most powerful employers accountable for the mistreatment of pregnant workers and new mothers.

Don’t let an abusive or discriminatory employer take the magic out of this special moment in your life. Fight back with powerful legal strategies from Theory Law APC.

How Can Theory Law Help You?

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